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Albufera in Majorca, the largest natural wetland in the Balearics

The Albufera park in Majorca, very close to our hotel in Playa de Muro, is one of the most spectacular natural wetlands in the Mediterranean and the largest of the Balearic Islands. With great ecological richness and native species that cannot be found anywhere else on the island, it is one of the most important protected areas in Majorca.

This natural wetland was born as a large lagoon that was physically separated from the Mediterranean by a long ridge of dunes that even today, continue to protect the stunning beach of Muro, despite the great tourism development that the island of Majorca has enjoyed in the last decades. It is, therefore, one of the ideal holiday destinations for nature lovers, long unspoilt sandy beaches and kite surfing, thanks to the winds that blow in this area of ​​the Bay of Alcudia.

At present, the Albufera de Mallorca Park occupies more than 1,700 acres, including marshlands, paths and dunes and is perfectly suitable for visitors to make the most of its resources. The different paths can be explored on foot or bicycle through the area known as Pont dels Anglesos, where there is parking.

There are visiting hours and, to enter the park, it is necessary to have a visitor’s permit which is free, and that must be requested at the park’s reception. The goal is to avoid crowds and ensure maximum protection of the area. If visiting as a group, it is convenient to book well in advance, as access is not allowed to groups of over 30 people and a special permission is required.

If you have booked a room in Playa de Muro, ask at the hotel’s reception, our team will inform you with all the relevant information.


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