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12 de julio de 2013 · Garden Experience

El Toyo: the heart of the Níjar coastline

El Toyo Retamar is one of the most characteristic spots along the Níjar coastline. This is a residential area located right by the sea – in the marine basin of Almería – that every year welcomes visitors wanting to enjoy the incomparable sandy beaches.

This is an up-and-coming holiday destination. With a population of around 5,000 people, El Toyo is visited by all kinds of travellers, but especially those looking for peace and quiet, quality and nature. The village is only steps from the great Cabo de Gata natural park, together with beautiful paths and beaches. The excellent health services and schools have transformed this residential area to a welcoming and exclusive area that rests harmoniously within its natural environment:  the characteristic landscape of the Almería coast.

The luxury hotels in El Toyo are another main attraction here on the coast of Almería. A good example of the quality and variety of services on offer are the Cabogata Mar Garden Hotel and the Cabogata Garden Hotel, each of them an exceptional hotel complex designed especially for romantic breaks in Almería and family holidays. El Toyo offers all kinds of sports opportunities. Apart from having its own basketball team, the residential area has a modern sports centre with free access for residents and hotel guests in the area. Running, football, handball...

You will also find some of the best Cabo de Gata pathways in the area if you want to do some hiking. 13 kilometres from the capital of Almería, El Toyo offers stunning beaches with very fine sand and crystalline water that you can enjoy almost all year round, thanks to the area’s temperate climate with mild temperatures.

This is why we at Garden Hotels have devised a complete accommodation service with entertainment and relaxation that is exclusive to our hotels in El Toyo, Almería: come and experience it during 2013!

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