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Feria de la Llampuga en Cala Ratjada

12 de julio de 2013 · Garden Events

Local fish fair in Garden Hotels

Green Garden Aparthotel in Cala Ratjada is having a party:  every autumn, this exclusive Garden Hotels apartment resort for couples and families joins the greatest cooking celebration in Cala Ratjada, the famous Llampuga fair, where folks can taste this delicious Mediterranean fish.  

Cala Ratjada’s harbor celebrates this local event from the end of September until late October, with first llampugas arriving to Mallorca’s east coast.   The llampuga is a medium-size fish extremely tasty, usually associated with the end of the summer and the first storms, which may explain its name: llampuga comes from llamp, which means lightning strike in Catalan.   In any case, cooking llampuga with ancient recipes is still a strong tradition in this sea lands, and our hotel decided to show this special Majorcan typical dish to our hosts.  

Llampuga with vermicelle, potatoes, pepper… This delicious savage fish, which only approaches the coast at the end of summer, offers endless cooking possibilities. Pure luxury for your senses.    

That’s why many people come from all over the island to Cala Ratjada every autumn, to enjoy a dish of llampuga in a nice atmosphere: local markets, live concerts, shows…   Enjoy Mallorca in a different, authentic and funny way.

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