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Nordic Walking en Mallorca

12 de julio de 2013

Mallorca joins the Nordic Walking craze

  Nordic Walking is simple and adaptable for all ages, a sporting discipline half way between hiking and cross country skiing which is all the rage across Europe. Mallorca, with its exceptional climate, beautiful and varied natural spaces, has become one of the most requested destinations for lovers of this sport. 

Every year more people decide to practice this sport during their stay particularly during spring and autumn when the scenery of the island is at its most splendid.  

Nordic Walking is very easy to learn, you do not need to buy a lot of expensive equipment and you can enjoy a relaxed open air sport, visiting the principal places of interest of the destination.  Together with the additional benefits for your health and the fact that you can practice this sport alone or in groups, it has quickly become one of the star activities at the hotels in Mallorca of Garden Hotels.    

Originating in the 30’s it was used by cross country skiers to train in summer and autumn to help them maintain their form and perfect their style for the winter competition season.   Actually there exist various Nordic Walking routes in Mallorca which are officially recognized and are used every year more frequently by the many fans.  The principal routes of most interest can be found in the Alcudia area, in the north of the island. 

The majority offer numerous places of interest and different levels of difficulty which adapt to the necessities of each visitor.  

If you fancy an autumn break in Mallorca or you are planning already your summer 2013 holidays why not discover Nordic Walking together with the sport services of Garden HotelsIn our hotels in Mallorca you will find everything necessary to enjoy this healthy hiking option and you will be accompanied on your Nordic Walking routes by a specialized guide totally free of charge.

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