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The most photographed location in Huelva


The Marshlands of Odiel is one of those unique natural settings with which Huelva surprises its visitors. Full of contrasts and autochthonous fauna, this great space that is formed at the estuary of the river Odiel, is one of the most photographed places of the province and, according to those that visit it, it is an essential location to visit on the coast of Huelva.


Just about 15 km from our hotel on the beach of El Rompido, the marshlands are integrated in a great natural area where you find the Laguna del Portil, La Norieta, Isla de Emedio, Isla de Saltes and the famous Enebrales de Punta Umbria, all very close to the city of Huelva and the towns of Aljaraque and Corrales.


Declared by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve, the site of the marshes competes with Doñana in spectacularity and grandeur, and although it is smaller in size, its proximity to the Mediterranean and the beautiful nearby beaches make it a popular destination.


One of the main reasons that so many flashes are set off in this area of Huelva, is the presence of a large number of birds: From the colourful flamingos to the storks and the peculiar fishing eagles that can be observed especially in the less warm months of the year.


Given the existing diversity, an interpretation centre (La Calatilla) has been set up in the heart of this natural area, and several observation routes have been designed.

At the same time, there are businesses in Huelva that offer guided photographic excursions to take advantage and maximize the best moments and places of this unique space in Andalusia.


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