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12 de julio de 2013

The north of Majorca, a paradise for kitesurf

The Playa de Muro, at its closest point to Alcudia, concentrates some of the best specialists in the sport, who are usually seen flying over the sea at any time of year. Always watching out for the weather, many camp close to the sea or they decide to book an apartment or hotel room in Playa de Muro. The goal is to be always ready to make the most of the wind.  

The large number of fans of this sport has rapidly increased and has led to the appearance of schools and teachers that offer introductory classes in the Bay of Alcudia.  

Start to practice kite surf is relatively simple and does not require to be extremely fit. It is enough to show some skills while handling the kite against the wind, something you practise before you dive into the water, with your feet in the sand and far away from the most frequent bathing areas. The objective is to master the kite so that it enables us to glide firmly from one place to another.  

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