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Welcome to Paradise: la Flecha del Rompido

The Flecha del Rompido in Huelva, where the Hotel Garden Playanatural, is situated, is one of the greatest natural paradises that can be found on the Costa de la Luz. This is an area of unspoiled beach framed by the spectacular mouth of the River Piedras, where the famous salt marshes are formed, very near to the Portuguese border.

Categorized as a natural area, this is the ideal place to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean with confidence, because it is sheltered from strong winds and the sea is fairly calm. The zone also offers a very picturesque image with small fishing boats, the pretty La Culata beach and the Puerto del Terron, belonging to the municipality of Lepe.

It is precisely there, in the Puerto del Terron, that the large area of sand, known as the Flecha (Arrow) del Rompido, begins, more than 12 kms long, which continues to expand by many metres every year.  At the point of the arrow of sand, the vegetation is sparse and the landscape is almost desert like, in contrast to the rich salt marshes that frame the area.

This is an emblematic place for lovers of ornithology, with a great variety of bird species that can only be seen here.  Also, the indigenous vegetation acquires a special shine, showing visitors this oasis by the Atlantic coast line.

Perfectly communicated with the touristic area of Punta Umbria, and the city of Huelva, our hotel in the Flecha del Rompido, is the place to find rest and respite after a long period of work and stress.

A natural paradise where you can completely loose yourself and only be reunited again at the end of your holiday.

Enjoy your holiday in paradise.  Come to Huelva with Garden Hotels!

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