Discover Woogi Nature and become a Superhero with Garden Hotels

April 23, 2019, 10:16 a.m.

Woogi Nature has arisen from our continuing commitment to sustainability and innovation. It is our new concept in children's entertainment based around the four natural elements and their different energies. Woogi Nature will turn the children's holiday into an amazing adventure filled with fun where they can learn to love and care for nature through a wide range of specially designed activities.

Water, fire, earth and air are the four natural elements, the basic components of everything in existence on our planet. They are defined as the archetypal energies that affect our way of understanding the world around us, our conscience and our very being and so Garden Hotels consider that it is important to transmit these energies to the children and to do so in the most educational and entertaining way possible. 

 Woogi Nature is designed for “Mini Explorers” (4 to 7 years old) and also “Max”, (8 to 11 years old). Taking part in the programme has many benefits including encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, developing creativity and, of course, allowing them to make friends with other children from around the world.

How does Woogi Nature work?

During the Woogi Nature programme your kids have a very important mission to complete: achieving the Woogi Nature Insignia! It's very simple, they just have to participate in the various activities and whilst they play and have fun, they will be gaining points for each element. 

Each element of nature covers a series of activities and workshops which have a direct relationship to that element, achieving perfect harmony throughout the Woogi Nature programme:

  • FIRE: this warm element contains the “Making friends” activities, based around the presentation of pairs or teams, with the aim of making the children feel welcome, letting them get to know the other children and the entertainment team. 
  • AIR: the programme continues with the activities belonging to the element capable of moving mountains, air. These include active games and outdoor activities, in teams or individually, helping the children to feel really special.
  • WATER: the activities belonging to the water element will be specific actions that will definitely surprise your children: acting out stories or plays, water games, etc.
  • EARTH: the importance of being listened to is covered by the activities related to Mother Earth. These are all the activities that take place on stage, whether it be a dance performance, karaoke or one of our talent show workshops. 

With the Woogi Nature adventure at Garden Hotels your child will become a Superhero! 


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