Playa Garden Selection promotes the importance of looking after our environment

May 24, 2017, 4:12 p.m.

Garden Hotels maintains a firm commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment”. We are sure you have heard these words many times before, but sometimes these words get lost in the wind so it is necessary to combine them with actions to bring them to life. And this time is no exception. 

Now a tradition lasting over the last five seasons, on the 13th May, Environment Awareness Day in Playa de Muro took place at the same hotel it was organised by: Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa. This event is comprised of the actions developed in the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of Garden Hotels, trying over the years to achieve a better implementation for all: for people like our guests to the beaches of our destinations. The day consisted of a detailed explanation of the natural values of Playa de Muro and the Es Comú zone, an area included in the S’Albufera Natural Park. For this, we counted on the special collaboration of one of the park’s environmental educators, who detailed in a speech, the values of this zone and the need of guests and residents to show the correct responsible conduct. Also adding, how important the correct management of waste that we produce is; avoiding allowing it to end up in the sea or on our cherished coastlines.

On this voluntary day of environmental awareness and the following beach cleaning day, many volunteers worked determinedly, from the staff of the hotel, to the guests to the residents in the north, where, after the productive talk, removed all small plastic items and other waste they could find on the beach, whether they came by land or sea. For this reason, we would like to thank all our volunteers, who, like always, took part with a smile on their face and a lot of enthusiasm to preserve this natural gem on the coast of Majorca, in turn, also protecting the Mediterranean Sea.

For Garden Hotels, sustainability is one of our fundamental values and looking after our environment is a way of ensuring that the activity at our hotels is always respectful of the nature and riches found in our destinations. For this, it is important to protect these resources, converting them into true attractions for our guests and succeeding in coexisting with the natural environment in one place, converting all this into what we call EcoGarden, one of our most revered values.

Come and enjoy our favourite destinations with Garden Hotels.



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