Garden Hotels replaces the amenities in its hotels with refillable dispensers

dispensadores playa garden
Sept. 6, 2019, 1:49 p.m.

Garden Hotels takes a step further with its commitment to sustainability with the Zero plastics project targeting the amenities at its establishments. This initiative, a pioneering one in the Balearic Islands, consists of replacing the traditional plastic bottles of shower gel and shampoo provided in the rooms with refillable polycarbonate dispensers.

This project has been implemented at the Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa with help from a grant from the Balearic Government and in collaboration with Tot Herba, a Majorcan company which provides the new gel, shampoo and conditioner products made with an almond base that is 100% locally sourced.

These products are introduced into a polycarbonate holder with two refillable bottles which are refilled after every stay. In this way we can considerably reduce the amount of plastic used by our guests during their stay, saving exactly 24.604 bottles of plastic per season in just one hotel. This figure could soon increase to 224.658 units as the chain wants to roll out this project in all of its establishments during the forthcoming season.

This is also part of a cyclical process where recycling and reusing are the main features, as the 5 litre containers that hold the liquid products supplied are also reused. When the container is empty it is sent back to Tot Herba and there it is washed, refilled and returned to the hotel to use again. Only by doing this can we achieve real progress in our aim to have zero plastic cost whilst still providing quality amenities for our guests at the hotel.

Within the framework of the chain's Corporate Social Responsibility programme we should also mention the changeover to eco-friendly toilet paper in 11 of its establishments.

Garden Hotels hopes to raise awareness amongst its guests with these sustainable actions and that, together, we can achieve a more responsible and sustainable tourism.




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Garden Hotels replaces the amenities in its hotels with refillable dispensers
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