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Gluten free holidays!

Do you want to forget about gluten on your holiday? Because we are aware of the problems and inconveniences of this illness on your holidays, therefore we have created different menus for all our hotels based on gluten-free food.

In Garden Hotels we offer a menu of incredible quality, where the product, the variety and the flavour are the stars of our buffet. In addition, we have a great variety of dishes cooked daily in our show cooking, with fresh products with which we prepare typical dishes from different destinations and the most delicious international cuisine. However, our commitment to you goes much further, always offering the best service tailored to your needs.

As part of the nationwide agreement signed with FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain) at Garden Hotels we pioneered incorporating menus specific to celiacs into all our hotels, located in the Balearics and Andalusia. Even the Italian restaurants Giardino, located in the hotels Alcudia Garden Aparthotel and Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa also have gluten-free dishes.

Furthermore, the level of awareness of our cooks with the gluten-free menus is so high that these dishes are cooked and presented with containers and utensils that have not come into contact with foods that do contain gluten, thus avoiding any cross-contamination between foods.

In the same way we cater for people who have other special requirements, such as diabetes or specific intolerances, for which we also have specific menus.

Therefore, gluten-free dishes will be properly marked with a QR code, through which customers can consult all the ingredients. Furthermore, although you may have already mentioned in the reservation, it is imperative when arriving at the hotel to communicate your allergy or intolerance to the reception staff, so that our chefs and waiters can offer you a more personalised service and even prepare you a dish especially for you.

Travelling is much easier with Garden Hotels!

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