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¡Ser residente de Baleares tiene premio! Si te gustaría tomarte unas vacaciones sin tener que saltar el charco, te proponemos una estancia en uno de nuestros hoteles con descuento para residentes de Baleares.

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  • Descuento adicional exclusivo hasta del 10%
  • ​Este código promocional es de uso exclusivo para residentes de las Islas Baleares.
  • Llegada la hora del check-in en el hotel se tendrá que entregar el DNI para confirmar los datos.​
  • ​En caso de que no sea residente no será aplicable el descuento.

A New year, a new way of living

By | 27 December, 2017 | 0 comments

It is now over. There are no more excuses. Now is the perfect time. Now is your moment to start the new year off on a good foot. Leave behind the negativity that weighs you down on a daily basis and takes up unnecessary energy. 2018 is going to be your year and we are going to do our bit to make sure you achieve everything you want.

The first thing you need to do is change your bad routines. See what things you normally devote yourself to and work out if they are really worth your time. This is the first thing that needs to change or be relocated on your list of priorities. Often, we tend to place a lot of importance on things that are not very good for us, which robs us of time better spent on things that would actually be quite beneficial to us.

The next thing to do is keep all aspects of your life organised, from things to do with work (say goodbye to the hours spent slaving away in front of your computer or on the phone), to time spent with your family, or things you do in your spare time or when you are relaxing. Find a balance in every aspect of your life. Find time for others but do not forget about yourself or the things you have to get done either. With all the things we do in a hurry or whilst running around like a headless chicken, we forget to put aside time for that which deserves it most. At the end of the day, you come first and if you are okay then everything else will fall into place as well.

If you have a goal then do not sway from it: visualise the end result. Plan how to achieve it and start right now. Delaying it will not do you any good; there’s no time like the present to prepare for the future. With this being said, get to work and see your goal for what it is: a way of getting the best out of yourself, improving and growing.

Do not forget to smile at least a few times a day; sincerely, freely and in the most natural way. Smiling is something everyone can do. It helps you face life with lots of positivity which, in turn, makes everything around you positive too.

Whenever you feel anxious and feel you need to break away from everything then do not worry. Spontaneity is one of the best ways to combat stress because it livens you up, awakens your adventurous side and makes you realise that getting out of your comfort zone can do you some good.

Plan a year full of escapes. There is no need to plan a month-long trip as sometimes it is best to space out your holidays and divide them into mini anti-stress anecdotes. These will help your mood knowing that, on turning the corner, a new trip is waiting to greet you with days that do not call for setting your alarm.

Every once in a while, treat yourself to a relaxing wellness break. Choose from our different destinations and book your spa hotel in advance to Majorca, Huelva or Almeria. Apart from offering the best services, you will enjoy the lowest price guaranteed.

This year we are going to take care of you like never before at Garden Hotels.

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