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¡Ser residente de Baleares tiene premio! Si te gustaría tomarte unas vacaciones sin tener que saltar el charco, te proponemos una estancia en uno de nuestros hoteles con descuento para residentes de Baleares.

Condiciones de la oferta:*

  • Descuento adicional exclusivo hasta del 10%
  • ​Este código promocional es de uso exclusivo para residentes de las Islas Baleares.
  • Llegada la hora del check-in en el hotel se tendrá que entregar el DNI para confirmar los datos.​
  • ​En caso de que no sea residente no será aplicable el descuento.

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(Español) Beneficios del Deporte Infantil

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May Day in Majorca: fun, fantastic and full of offers!

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In no time at all, you’ll be on holiday again. May day falls on a Monday this year, meaning you’ll get to appreciate a longer bank holiday than normal. So, why not celebrate it with a trip to the Mediterranean, enjoy your first swim of the year and welcome this sunny season in style?

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(Español) Invierno en Mallorca a dos ruedas

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(Español) Vive el Carnaval mediterráneo con Garden Hotels

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The greatest gift you can give to your children is to spend time with them

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Tick tock… Can you hear that? Summer is just around the corner and everything takes on a different light. A light that makes you think about holiday time and invites you to spend a fantastic break with the family that’s filled with unforgettable moments with the little ones who fill our lives with joy, Read full article


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Because sometimes there is no need for any other words. Because with just one simple onomatopoeia we can tell you almost everything what we have planned for this very Spanish weekend. Gastronomy, crafts, live music, good atmosphere and the sizzling sun. What’s that? Already packing your bags? Well pay attention because here’s the best part of the plan. Read full article

Where do you want to go this Autumn?

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Yes, that’s right. Where do you feel like going? Pack your bags and get ready, because we arrived with the best plan for that autumnal getaway. Did you think this all ended during the summer? Well, no! Hold on tight because we still have a lot of love to give. If you thought your only option was to face the daily routine once again, Read full article

Join the Mallorca Cycling Festival!

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What plans do you have for the month of October? At Garden Hotels we want to make a very special proposal that you can enjoy with the whole family. Yes, that’s right. How about coming to the Mallorca Cycling Festival? We are very happy to announce that we are sponsoring one of the biggest cycling events in Majorca, Read full article

Next Stop: Relaxation!

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Let’s not fool ourselves. We love going on holiday! And we look for any excuse to be able to take a few extra days off on a trip away. Wherever it may be! And because of that, because we know that you love taking care of yourself, relaxing and enjoying unique getaways, we want to tell you that there’s still time to take a few fully relaxing days in Majorca with your family, Read full article

5 great reasons to enjoy an Adults Only holiday

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