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6 of the best places to see a perfect sunset in Menorca

By | 24 August, 2022 | 0 comments


We know that for many people, watching the sun go down is the best moment of the day, and doing so in magical surroundings is a must when we’re on holiday. The Balearic Islands are the perfect place for enjoying that moment, with each island having numerous vantage points from where to witness an unforgettable sunset, but if there’s one place where the sunset will leave you breathless, it has to be Menorca.

Whether it is because of the fascinating light, being the most peaceful island in the archipelago, or just the feeling of calm, a sunset in Menorca is something you really cannot miss. It’s almost like a ritual, with Menorca and its sunsets having the ability to cleanse the body and mind. A unique moment, lasting just a few minutes, but with the power to awaken a great range of emotions, all of them positive, all related to beauty, calm, and wellbeing.

Apart from the stunning Cova den Xoroi, Menorca has many magical natural settings from where you can admire a beautiful sunset. At Garden Hotels we have chosen 6 places to see the best sunsets in Menorca. Here goes!

-The lighthouses on the island of Menorca are located in truly idyllic settings, and you shouldn’t miss:

  • Punta Nati lighthouse. Situated in the Ciutadella area, approximately 7 kilometres away and about 15 minutes by car. To reach the lighthouse, there is a short 10-minute walk and then you can admire the wonderful sunset and the beautiful views of the island of Mallorca.
  • Faro d’Artrutx. Found on the Artrutx Cape, to the southeast of the island. Built in 1858, it was declared a Menorcan heritage site in 2005. Undoubtedly, a unique place.
  • Faro de Cavallería. Close to the village of Fornells and Cavallería beach. This is one of the most frequently visited lighthouses due to the small islets that surround the delightful scenery.

Menorca also has an abundance of rich history and culture, adding to the attraction of watching the sun go down in settings such as Saint Nicholas’ Castle.

  • Saint Nicholas’ Castle. A defence tower built at the end of the seventeenth century which was used by the military to protect the city from attacks via the sea. Here you can admire the fabulous views of Ciutadella port and take in all the colours of the city at dusk.

Other great locations for admiring the setting sun are:

  • Son Bou beach. Situated 8km from Alaior, it is known for being the largest beach on the island. The ideal spot to wonder at the intense red sunset that lingers on the retina of everyone witnessing it.
  • Monte Toro. The highest mountain on the island provides a chance to enjoy the unique landscape and capture the moment as the sun gradually takes possession of every beach and village.

These are 6 of the best-known places to enjoy a wonderful sunset and treat your soul to some of the special moments that form everlasting memories.

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