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The main aim of the Garden Experience team is offering children an entertaining programme that promotes the development of their tastes and abilities. The themed days pursue precisely this aim, as they are special events with activities revolving a specific theme and based on the Garden Experience values.

Environment day: conscious of the importance of taking care of the environment and natural resources, we have created all type of activities to promote good environmental practices: handicrafts with recycled material, raising-awareness gymkhanas, workshops in the organic garden and activities that will show children the importance of our ecosystem.

Woogi's birthday: we celebrate the birthday of our nice pet Woogi with activities devoted to him all day: handicrafts —presents for Woogi—, medal games, birthday party with snacks, lunch with Woogi, special mini disco... In short, an unforgettable day for both Woogi and children.

Inside out day: Start your day in a crazy and funny way, as all the activities have an inside-out approach: entertainers will wear their clothes inside out, lunch starts with dessert, look for the victim instead of the murderer in Cluedo game, start the mini disco at the end... And many more surprises for the youngest members of the family!

Pirates' day: Become a pirate for a day! We start our day making fabulous pirates costumes, a make-up workshop, T-shirt paint* and many more activities: treasure hunt, pirates' flag conquest, games at the Pirates boat Splash*,(1) etc.

Jungle day: we will travel to the heart of Africa to enjoy a day with activities devotes to animals: animal costumes and make-up, handicrafts and games related to the jungle, "The Lion King" show...

Cowboys and Indians: Welcome to the Wild West! We start our day making our own Indians and cowboys costumes, a special make-up workshop and activities that will make you feel in the heart of the Far West: riding a pony* medal games, gymkhanas, flag conquest, etc.

Superheroes day: if you could become a superhero, which one would you be? On the superheroes day you will be able to become your favourite superhero and be Spiderman, Batman or WonderWoman for a day. And you will have fun learning new games, making original workshops and developing your creativity with your new friends.

Fit Kids: we promote the importance of a healthy life and sport with all type of fitness, dance and sport activities for children: dancing classes, relay races, water sports, zumfit, aqua gym, etc.


(1) Games at the Pirates boat Splash: only at the hotels with Pirates boat: Green Garden Aparthotel and Playa Garden Hotel & Spa.

* Activities with an asterisk have an extra charge.

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