Garden Hotels is committed to offering you the best price online, so we guarantee that at you will find the best online rate.

If you find a lower price on another website, we suggest that you contact us and we will match it, as well as offering exclusive benefits that you can only have if you book with us.

How can I do it?

Contact us using this form, indicating that you have found a cheaper rate on another site.

Within 24 hours, our Call Centre staff will contact you to ask, check and match the price online if applicable.

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Conditions of verification: Once our Call Centre staff has contacted you, you will be required to send us the cheapest price found on another website in jpg * format. It will be necessary to confirm that the price found on the other website is valid and the reservation can be made immediately.

* The document you send must be valid or have been taken within the last 24 hours

Conditions for matching the price: We will match the difference as long as the reservations meet the same conditions, ie: for the same hotel, same dates, same room type, same board, same number of guests, same number of adults and Children (same ages), same currency, same form of payment and same conditions of payment and cancellation, except in the case of cancellation insurance, Garden Hotels will not offer this option. In case we cannot match the offer, we will explain all the reasons.

Approximate information according to the daily exchange rate of the selected currency in relation to the EURO, provided by the ECB and valid only for information purposes. Payment always to be made in EUROS.

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