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Me Ecologic and Compost, two ECOGARDEN projects

At Garden Hotels we feel strongly committed to the environment and our surroundings. That is why we work every day to adapt our establishments towards greener practices and revitalise our natural heritage. One of the most important changes from last year has been to make known one of the islands high quality products: he Green Lamb which, thanks to the collaboration with APAEMA (Organic Farmers Association of Mallorca) can be found in the daily buffet of Garden Hotels establishments on Mallorca.

In this way Garden Hotels in 2015 became the first hotel company that offers its customers a local gastronomic product of excellent quality and, in turn, plays a great role in social responsibility: the work of Mallorcan farmers. This type of free range lamb, reared in the fields of Mallorca, feeds mainly on breast milk and pasture. Therefore the meat offered to customers is 100% natural, local and without any pesticides, chemicals or transgenic changes.

In 2017 Garden Hotels wanted to go a step further by launching the Compost project at Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa. This is a pilot test based on composting from the organic matter generated by the hotel, which according to the study carried out is 91,304 kg. It is calculated that each guest staying at the hotel generates 0,67 kg of organic matter every day

Once again, a pioneer in the revitalisation of local agriculture, Garden Hotels is the first chain that takes advantage of the hotel's organic remains to produce compost. Currently, more than 80% of the surface of Spain is at risk of desertification, which means that Mallorca suffers an average loss of 12 tonnes of soil per hectare per year, according to the Balearic Islands Government. Therefore the main objective of this project is to produce the tons of organic matter needed and in the right conditions to recover and preserve the fertility of the soils of Mallorca.

The pilot test will be carried out thanks to the collaboration with Amics de la Terra, Aubo, APAEMA, Estel de Llevant and Ramon Plana, an expert composter. For Garden Hotels, this initiative is not only "an environmental improvement restricted to nature, but an environmental improvement of our own environment and the society that inhabits it."

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