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Sustainability and environment


Garden Hotels is conscious of the current shortage of natural resources. Therefore, a good managing of all our establishments is one of the keys to guarantee the value of sustainability, proper of the chain.

With the aim of obtaining the Travelife quality certification in all our establishments —the highest distinction that recognises an excellent managing of resources—, Garden Hotels established the most adequate managing procedures in Garden Hotels' Environmental Strategic Plan, which defines the implementation of basic steps and good practices.

Step by step, and through the implementation of the strategic plan and a daily strong commitment, the resources managing and the CO2 emissions are being adjusted to more ecological practices. However, getting the Travelife environmental quality certification would be impossible without the full involvement of both our workers and clients. This is the only way to save water, electricity and natural resources, and therefore to obtain the Travelife Certification, based on Travelife International Standards, after an in situ audit carried out by an independent auditor.

These international standards imply a rational and responsible use of natural resources such as water or electricity. However, one of the keys for obtaining the Travelife certification is an optimal waste separate collection. This job could not be carried out without the work and daily full-time commitment of all our workers and the respect, consideration and help of all our guests. 

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