Garden Hotels | Family Specials

Leisure, sports, shows and much more!


Families will find the perfect place for enjoying their holiday and turning their few day’s stay into an unforgettable experience at Garden Hotels.

Our Garden Experience method, exclusively for our Family Special hotels, is to make sure our guests disconnect from routine through a programme of activities, games and workshops created by our own animators, always taking into account different nationalities and age groups. In this way we reach our primary goal: giving you nothing but motivation, fun and well-being during your stay with us. .

In this way, your children will have a great time in one of our favourite facilities: the Woogi Activity Club, where they will learn new games and let their imagination run wild through arts & crafts and transforming themselves into famous superheroes, authentic pirates or cowboys of the old west. They will also get to know our kind and happy mascot Woogi with whom they’ll dance away the evenings at the Mini Disco. Family activities are separated into two age groups:

  • Mini: children from 4-6 years old
  • Maxi: children from 7-11 years old

In addition to this, we also offer a programme just for teenagers as well with activities suitable to their age: volleyball, archery, scavenger hunt, Zumba, etc.

Adults will also enjoy a very complete programme that includes all kinds of sports, guided excursions, themed days with competitions and health and well-being-focused activities like fitness, yoga, Pilates, etc. And, to top it all off, every evening Garden Experience impresses guests with unique shows for all the family. This is, without a doubt, a great plan for all the family to enjoy an unforgettable holiday together. 

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