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Cala Ratjada celebrates its 16th Mahi Mahi fish Fair

By | 18 October, 2017 | 0 comments

Traditional like few fairs in Majorca, a new edition of the Fira de Sa Llampuga ([commonly known as Mahi Mahi or Dorado] Fish Fair), arrives to the town of Cala Ratjada, bringing along with it the delicious local seafood of the island, fish that comes directly from the fisherman’s guild of the famous Gabellí port. This is an event you cannot afford to miss out on if you are in Majorca during this time as this is where tradition, the sea and exquisite gastronomy unites in a unique setting: the port town of Cala Ratjada, on the eastmost tip of the island.

The events of last year speak for themselves: the exhibition saw up to 2 tonnes of Mahi Mahi consumed, fish captured from the shores of the Mediterranean. As well as thousands of people passing by the stalls set up around the port, streets and squares in the villages.

The fair activities normally run through the whole weekend, which, in this case, is from 21st-23rd October, and they vary a lot, from tapas contests in which bars and restaurants all over the village participate, to workshops centred around children.

In the purely food part of the exhibition, everyone who turns up to this event can try the traditional recipes and new innovative proposals. In past years, for example, dishes that shone were arròs sec, la llampuga en escabetxo, los fideus secs, la llampuga amb prebes, crunchy mahi mahi in goats cheese and tumbet gelat de llampuga melassa, amongst others.

For those who do not know what Mahi Mahi is, take note because we are almost sure that you have tried it, even without realising. It is a type of fish that has many names: dolphinfish, dorado, lampuka, etc.; but its scientific name is Coryphaena Hippurus, from the dolphin fish family found in tropical and subtropical waters. One of its most interesting characteristics is that, in its early stages, it is blue and then it changes to white later on.

It has a firm texture and pink flesh, perfect for different culinary proposals: sautéed, in stews and also grilled. Its flavour can be perfectly combined with a large variety of sauces, like alioli (garlic and olive oil dip) and romesco.

The best way to try it in its multiples forms is at this traditional fair where the fishermen who catch the fish and the restaurants that use it in their recipes are present. During these dates, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at our Green Garden Aparthotel in Cala Ratjada, at the most reasonable price with an excellent restaurant service that makes it the ideal addition for enjoying this event to the maximum.

Enjoy the authentic side to Majorca with Garden Hotels.

Image of the port of Cala Ratjada made by Mr. Dirk Vorderstraße:

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