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Travel to the roots of Menorca

By | 24 January, 2018 | 0 comments

The natural wonder of the Mediterranean is called Menorca and it is an island full of tradition, authenticity and history that you can submerge yourself in without having any preconceptions, only an open mind, ready to discover the secrets of the smallest of things and details of day-to-day life. Menorca is not a place that needs to be dressed up for you to enjoy it to the fullest: the beauty of  the incredible landscape (declared a Biosphere Reserve) is in itself a paradise in which to stay and live.

Garden Hotels invites you to put aside some of your holiday days in 2018 to come and enjoy this island like you deserve. For this, we recommend our Marinda Garden Aparthotel in the exclusive area of Cala d’en Bosch, where you will be able to disconnect from the world and be at one with nature.

Covering only 701 km2, the eastern island of the Balearic Islands is a place you can discover at any time of the year. However, it is in spring, summer and autumn when the island is in all its splendour. In winter, it is a lot calmer, with people immersed in their unchanging day-to-day routines and tasks. However, when the sun starts to shine brighter, Menorca reawakens to welcome the most select kind of tourism in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Menorca is an island where you can relax and enjoy the minimalist pleasures it offers: the liveliness of its ports; the beauty of its beaches; its delicious cuisine; handmade crafts such as leather and wicker and clothes; flavourful produce from its countrysides and its remarkable historical monuments that are witness’ to past civilisations that have passed through over time. However, true solace lies amongst its people.

The most authentic part of Menorca

Welcoming, unlike other Mediterranean islands, Menorca welcomes visitors not with distrust but with curiosity. However, when its people understand who you are and what you are looking for, they back away so you can then find it. They are very possessive of their island, of its culture and especially its local produce, for this reason they take care of every part of it and will not offer you anything that is not really worth it.

Proud of their history, if you pass through Menorca you can easily see the British influence on the island, both in the language as in the architecture and typical decor of its houses. This is also evident in its cuisine and cocktails as the best Menorcan aperitif is Xoriguer Gin with freshly-squeezed lemon.

The biggest parties on the island take place in June, with the San Juan festivities, where a number of beautiful horses fill the streets, paying homage to their patron saint. Nowadays, the international fame it has earned has turned it into a massive event that, despite the crowds, you should visit at least once in your life.

Discover the most authentic side of Menorca with Garden Hotels.

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