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¡Ser residente de Baleares tiene premio! Si te gustaría tomarte unas vacaciones sin tener que saltar el charco, te proponemos una estancia en uno de nuestros hoteles con descuento para residentes de Baleares.

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Will you help us look after the environment?

By | 5 June, 2019 | 0 comments

Happy World Environment Day! At Garden Hotels we work hard to guarantee a 100% ecological service whilst at the same time be able to satisfy all your needs in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, we have put several projects in motion that allow us to reuse a range of products. As well as improving the way we use resources, our ecological management has served to improve the quality of our amenities with a number of certifications including Travelife and TUI UMWELT CHAMPION 2019 for our sustainability in tourism. And it’s all thanks to our wonderful team of staff. And you of course, who’s truly committed to taking care of the environment.

We want to thank you for all your efforts. Thank you for helping us to be greener every day. Thank you for respecting our sustainable standards and applying them during your holidays in Majorca. On World Environment Day we have organised a large number of workshops and activities in all our hotels.

Throughout the years, we have carried out a large number of projects that have enhanced our ecological footprint. Such as the creation of our own compost from the waste we generate at the Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa. Or our organic lamb, raised in fields without any type of pesticides or chemicals that carry pollutants thanks to the collaboration of APAEMA – the Association of Producers of Organic Farming in Mallorca – that embellishes our buffet service with organic options.

We strive to keep our surroundings clean, and that includes the untouched beautiful beaches that we are close to. It is very important that we do not throw plastics there and we always try not to leave any rubbish at them as well as going with public transport to reduce CO2 emissions. With a few simple gestures we can help improve the environment and take care of the stunning surroundings that we are going to discover.

We have an awareness of the sustainability that we want to discover on this day at our hotels. Because thanks to all our work, and that of our guests, we can boast about being one of the hotel chains with the highest levels of sustainability. And that is only achieved thanks to our teamwork. For this reason, on the 8th June, we will also celebrate World Oceans Day, and with it, we want to remind you how important it is for the ecosystem to minimise human activity in nature.

Look after the environment with Garden Hotels


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