Those that appreciate fine food and drink should head for the Aracena Mountain Range where, amidst the chestnut and holm oak trees, herds of Iberian pigs root happily. This region is home to the magnificent Jabugo cured ham, a gastronomic delight whose succulent flavour and irresistible aroma have rightly earned it a magnificent reputation both in Spain and abroad.

However, the area has more to offer than just ham. It is also rich in delicious fish and shellfish. Particularly worthy of mention are the coquina clams, white prawns and fiddler crabs that are caught in the River Piedras and are considered to be a delicacy among the locals. Other traditional dishes include chilled gazpacho, pescaíto frito (fried fish) and atún de almadraba (tuna characterised by its deliciously tender red meat).

This Huelva region is also noted for its superb wines, which hold the Condado de Huelva Designation of Origin. Particularly delicious are the young, fruity whites and the flavoursome, full-bodied velvety wines.

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