Ibiza’s cuisine is a mouth-watering mix of meat and fish accompanied by fresh locally-grown vegetables. Fish lovers simply won’t be able to resist two of its best-known specialties: peix sec (literally dried fish) and guisat de peix (fish and shellfish stewed with potatoes). Inland, treat your taste buds to sofrit pagès, a lamb, chicken and potato casserole.

Sobrassada and botifarró sausages and Ibiza’s locally-produced honey go down a treat when enjoyed with the wines made on the island. Those with a sweet tooth will find it impossible to resist traditional island desserts such as flaó (cheesecake flavoured with anis) and orelleta (anis pastries) or greixonera (a kind of sweet bread pudding), which taste even better when accompanied by a glass of Frígola liqueur, made with eau-de-vie, thyme, sugar and water, or "hierbas ibicencas", made with anisette and the herbs that grow locally on Ibiza.

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