Start leading a healthy lifestyle and discover your favourite sport

Sport is an essential part of leading a balanced, happy and complete lifestyle. Aside from helping you keep active and generate endorphins that make you feel better, sport is also very fun and is a great way to forget about your worries and get away from your mobile and computer for a while. Everyone has a favourite sport they feel good practicing… Which one is yours?

Whether it’s playing golf, climbing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing or bike touring, training and running; there are sports for everyone. There are as many difficult and risky sports as there are relaxing and easy ones. Due to this, it is important to find the right sport for you and start practicing, increasing the intensity bit by bit so that you can become stronger and more agile whilst taking it at your own pace.  

According to medical professionals, there are sports for every age group and others you can practice at every stage of your life. Examples of the latter are swimming and hiking. These are two sports that Garden Hotels accommodates for as we offer both outdoor or climatised pools for you to feel the benefits of the water. In addition to these pools, you will be able to enjoy a truly relaxing swim on the shores of the spectacular beaches close to our resorts.

Bike touring is another sport you can practice at any age. If you have a good level of fitness then mounting your bike and following the cycle trails and minor roads is one of the most freeing experiences you can have. The level of intensity is up to you so that, if you like, you could even go cycling with your children.

For example, in the north of Majorca, in some of the sport and family-orientated hotels, there are a number of cycle routes and bike lanes that you can follow from village to village, across the coastline, flat landscapes and, if you like a challenge, mountainous areas. Consult our Garden Sports programme to see what we offer for your bike touring getaways with us. Some of these are: a bike workshop, garage, specialised menus and much more…

Practicing water sports in Garden Hotels’ destinations is a must. Imagine it now: immersing yourself in the water of the Mediterranean Sea in Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza or Almeria or riding the waves of the Atlantic in Huelva.

For those who seek relaxing holidays, spring is the ideal time for playing golf as the climate is perfect and Spain boasts some of the best golf courses in Europe. Our hotels can help you manage your green fees and offer everything you need for you to be able to practice your passion whenever you like.

Golf, Garden Hotels

Discover all the sports you can enjoy at our hotels on our official website here. We also offer special advantages on your bookings with us if you are a member of a sports federation. If you have any queries about your active getaway, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will help you with everything you need.

Come and enjoy your favourite sport with Garden Hotels.

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