Making Memories

Your unforgettable experience is our Garden Experience

Your holidays are very important to us. All the people who work at Garden Hotels want your days with us to be truly unique. How are we going to achieve this?

From the moment you arrive at the hotel, our reception team, and the rest of the people working at the hotel, will do everything possible to make you feel welcome and listened to. We want to turn your holidays into your best memories.  Now that you have unpacked your suitcase, get ready because your adventure has only just begun, and our Garden Experience Team is getting down to work with many surprises that are bound to make an impression. These small details, or big adventures, will make your stay with us an unforgettable experience.

Your unforgettable experience is our Garden Experience. It is not just an idea, or a concept, it is the way all the people who are part of Garden Hotels act and work for our guests. For you.

Nature, the driving force behind your enjoyment!

At Garden Hotels, everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoys the importance they deserve.

That’s why the teams at our hotels work to offer a unique holiday experience through four entertainment programmes adapted to all ages: families, children, teenagers and adults.

Sustainability and the environment are two important themes for us and are fully present in our activities through the representation of the four elements of nature. Our programmes allow guests to experience all of these aspects.

Explore our programmes

Hotels with Entertainment - Garden Hotels
Hotels with Entertainment - Garden Hotels
Garden Hotels
Hotels with Entertainment - Garden Hotels

These are not experiences, they are moments to cherish with your loved ones for a new level of family holiday.

Our programme, specially designed for families, aims to create opportunities to share, to smile, to feel, to make your best memories…

Games, activities, experiences and workshops to share and remember.

Are you in?

A special space for the little ones.

The Woogi Nature programme revolves around the four elements of nature so that children can discover, explore and learn to love and respect our planet.

Divided into two categories, Mini Explorers (4 to 6 years old) and Woogi Max (7 to 11 years old), children will be responsible for helping our mascot, Woogi, on his mission to save the Earth. Want to join?

The power of feeling free to do your own thing.

Because they experience things differently and need their own space, our teenagers’ programme focuses on the aspects they enjoy most at this age: the beach, making friends, learning languages, fashion, networking, sharing… In short, socialising and having fun. But always in their own way.

Are you game?

Entertainment programme addressed to adults, couples, seniors and friends whose objective is to disconnect from routine by living unique and surprising experiences.

Feel Exclusive

It’s a way of living, a way of feeling…

Our programme for adults and seniors can be enjoyed alone, as a couple or with friends. There is only one aim and that is to unwind, have fun and relax. Get away from it all by living life to the fullest, surprising yourself, experiencing one minute at a time, feeling special.

Are you up for it?

Meet our entertainment team

An experienced and unique team with a single aim: to make your holiday the best you have ever had. At Garden Hotels, we have believed for many years that people are the most important thing, so we have a team of professional staff who will accompany you and your family on your well-deserved holiday with shows you will love!

What is the purpose of our entertainment programmes?

At Garden Hotels, we want all our guests to feel listened to, special, welcomed and surprised, so we have put a lot of passion and love into creating original and different entertainment programmes to make your Garden Hotels experience completely unique.