Hotels for celiacs

Holidays without gluten!

Want to forget about gluten on your holiday? Fully aware of the problems and inconveniences of gluten intolerance on your holidays, we’ve created menus for all our hotels based on gluten-free foods.

At Garden Hotels we serve you the highest quality dishes, where produce, variety and taste take centre stage. We also have a wide selection of dishes cooked daily at our show cooking station using fresh products to prepare typical dishes of each destination and delicious international cuisine. Our commitment to you goes much further, though, always providing you with the best service tailored to your needs.

Garden Hotels

As part of a nationwide agreement signed with the Federation of Gluten-Free Associations of Spain, at Garden Hotels we’re pioneers in incorporating specific menus for gluten-intolerant guests at all our hotels in the Balearic Islands and Andalusia. Even the Italian restaurants Giardino, located at the Alcudia Garden Aparthotel and the Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa hotels, have gluten-free dishes.

Our chefs are also fully aware that gluten-free dishes need to cooked and served with tableware and utensils that have not come into contact with foods that do contain gluten, thereby avoiding cross contamination.

We also cater for other dietary needs, serving special menus for guests with diabetes or other intolerances.

All our gluten-free dishes are clearly marked with a QR code, allowing guests to check all the ingredients used. Even if you’ve already mentioned it in your booking, please mention your gluten intolerance or other dietary needs when checking in, so that our chefs and waiters can offer you more personalised attention and even cook a special dish on the spot.

Travelling is so much easier with Garden Hotels!