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There are no excuses for enjoying a fabulous holiday. If you are in your golden age, Garden Hotel offers you an irresistible promotion at the best price. Recharge energies with our healthy activities, memorable soirées with live music and much more.

If you are in your golden age, Garden Hotel offers you the possibility to enjoy your holidays at the best price.

Have fun with family in Almeria

30 % off

 Our Special Family hotels in Andalusia have just the facilities and atmosphere you need to enjoy a great holiday experience with children and teenagers. The magical backdrop of Cabo de Gata, with its amazing beaches and friendly local residents, is ideal for fun-filled moments with your loved ones in a colourful setting that will leave lasting memories. Choose between the Cabogata Garden Hotel and the Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa; two options for a unique and unforgettable experience. Hurry, we guarantee fun, games, music, dancing and laughter...are you ready?


Take advantage of our best offer at amazingly low rates! Up to 30% off and children stay free*


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