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Santa Gertrudis, the pure flavour of Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis, the pure flavour of Ibiza

There is a town on the island in which Ibiza reconciles itself with its original hippy spirit and is again a purely Mediterranean, agricultural, artisan and relaxed island like centuries ago. This is the town of San Gertrudis de Fruitera, located within walking distance of our hotel in Santa Eul ...

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Samsara Beach Club: a summer of relaxation and partying in Majorca

Samsara Beach Club: a summer of relaxation and partying in Majorca

The summer is already on its way and everyone is ready to enjoy the beach, sun, relax and summer parties. Our Samsara Beach Club in Playa de Muro has opened its doors and its activities will not stop until the autumn. Although this secret refuge in the sand opened last ...

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Playa de Muro: a beach for families

Playa de Muro: a beach for families

There are places that seem especially designed to enjoy with children. One of those magical places, full of fun, perfect plans for kids and spaces to share is the beach of Playa de Muro, on the north coast of Majorca. Anyone who has ever visited this classic summer holiday destination ...

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Where disconnect in the Costa de la Luz

Where disconnect in the Costa de la Luz

Sometimes you simply have to say goodbye to everything. Pack your suitcase and escape for a couple of days to one of those places where to reconcile with nature, find the lost balance and where to stop to think, with the breeze of the sea combing our hair and our ...

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Ecological holidays have an unavoidable destination in the Mediterranean, Minorca. The island is declared a Biosphere Reserve for its exceptional natural wealth, and it truly is a destination where to lose yourself and enjoy a few days far away from the madding crowd, stress and city life. The ideal location ...

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