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Low cost holidays in 4 star hotels

Low cost holidays in 4 star hotels

A low cost holiday in 4 star hotels? Yes, a dream for all of us that love to travel has become a reality. This month of September, Garden Hotels has launched a number of special deals in order extend the summer season at affordable prices. It is enough to choose ...

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Romantic escapade to El Rompido, Huelva

Romantic escapade to El Rompido, Huelva

Marina del Rompido, La Barranca, La Flecha del Rompido... We are immersing ourselves into one of the most beautiful, natural and relaxing places on the coast of Huelva. An oasis in the heart of Costa de la Luz where we find one of Garden Hotels’ most romantic hotels in Andalucia ...

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Ten summers with you! The Cabogata Garden and Cabogata Mar Garden Hotel & Spa are celebrating their anniversary

Ten summers with you! The Cabogata Garden and Cabogata Mar Garden Hotel & Spa are celebrating their anniversary

It seems like yesterday and it's already been 10 years. A decade of summers full of sun, beach, outdoor sports, family meals, relax and endless emotions. And there is still plenty to come! We are proud and honoured to share every summer with you and we wanted to celebrate ...

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Gastronomy adapted to all needs

Gastronomy adapted to all needs

Many guests often ask us if we offer at our hotels a cuisine adapted to gluten intolerance and other dietary related requirements. Our answer is always the same, of course we do! We understand perfectly what these requirements represent for many of our guests. Our aim is to guarantee our ...

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Santa Gertrudis, the pure flavour of Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis, the pure flavour of Ibiza

There is a town on the island in which Ibiza reconciles itself with its original hippy spirit and is again a purely Mediterranean, agricultural, artisan and relaxed island like centuries ago. This is the town of San Gertrudis de Fruitera, located within walking distance of our hotel in Santa Eul ...

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