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10 tips for your cycling trip

By | 16 October, 2019 | 0 comments


That’s right. This year you have decided and you will do it. This year you are going to travel by bike! You are going to discover that wonderful adventurous experience of travelling a new destination on two wheels and explore it your own way. Explore whilst testing yourself. Whilst you discover the beauty of a place in the best way: blending its varying landscapes, extracting every aroma that is embellishes your route while you camouflage amongst the locals. Whether you are going to tour the Americas or if you are going to travel around Majorca by bicycle, at Garden Hotels we want to leave you a list of tips that will surely come in handy before you embark on this wonderful adventure. 

Train before your trip

Relax! Don’t take it too hard, but more like preparation prior to this type of trip and the routes that  you want to do. It is not the same to want to pedal 15 kilometers than 50 a day. We recommend that you try to go the distance you had planned before going on a trip.

Careful with extra weight

Perhaps this is something you have already thought about, but this time you will have to be especially careful with those “just in case” dangers. We recommend that you should first focus on basic sportswear in your luggage, some extra clothing that you want to wear for special occasions and toiletries.

Get to know your bike

It is important that you have a little knowledge of the mechanics before starting your trip. It might not happen, but if you have a technical problem, it is better that you know how to change a wheel, reposition the chain, patch the tyres…

Distance isn’t important

Don’t overwhelm yourself with wanting to travel more kilometres than you can. The important thing is that you enjoy the road and adapt to your level. There’s no need to rush!!

Look after your diet

One of the fundamental aspects of your trip, and life in general, is food. As we explained at our Samsara Healthy Holidays, a healthy life begins with your diet. And if you are going to do sports, it is very important that you consume a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits.

Rest well

Sleep the hours your body requires and if you need to stay in one place more than one day do it. For example, at our Alcudia Garden Aparthotel. An accommodation with a cycling station and exclusive facilities and services for cyclists. Listen to your body!

Don’t forget about your other interests

Just because you have decided to take a bike trip does not mean that you have to be pedalling all day, everyday. Give yourself some time like, for example, a relaxing break at the Cala Millor Garden. Our adults-only hotel with the Cycling Friendly seal of approval.

It’s not a race

Just relax! Holidays exist to disconnect and rest. There’s no need to be the first to arrive. The best experience is on the road, remember that.

Use your common sense

Needless to say, but sometimes we can forget. Respect the rules of the road, always be visible to others and be cautious. 

Positive mind over body

Enjoy it! You are the star of this incredible adventure. It is normal to feel discouraged at times, on the slopes and on rough terrain, but remember that, as in life, everything happens for a reason and this is just part of a wonderful journey.

Your cycling trip with Garden Hotels

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