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Hotels with entertainment for children

At Garden Hotels you can enjoy our exclusive entertainment programme with exciting games, creative workshops and activities for the entire family. Our entertainment team and our fun mascot Woogi will fascinate the little ones with an experience where fun and creativity take centre stage.

Entertainment for children: Woogi Nature

Did you know that at Garden Hotels there’s a space especially for children and the environment? Its name is Woogi Nature and it’s a new concept of children’s entertainment based on the four elements of nature and their values. With the help of our cheerful and friendly mascot Woogi, at our hotels with entertainment for children in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, your children will have a very important mission to fulfil, which is to be ambassadors of nature. Achieving this mission is very simple. Having fun, taking part and playing will be the keys to collect the chips of the four elements that will motivate them to get the Woogi Nature badge!

At Garden Hotels your children are the true stars for us and they’ll have the time of their lives enjoying the fifty-plus activities divided into age groups: Mini Explorer, for four- to six-year-olds; and Max Woogi, for seven- to eleven-year-olds.

All the activities on offer at our hotels with entertainment for children in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza are displayed on the entertainment screen in reception. You’ll recognise them because they’re identified with a special icon, or you can also ask our entertainment team.

Tropic Garden Hotel
Tropic Garden Hotel
Tropic Garden Hotel
Tropic Garden Hotel

The heat of FIRE is responsible for providing closeness and familiarity through the welcome activities such as the Element Game, kids’ yoga and Wake Woogi, where they’ll be able to make new friends.

The power of AIR represents freedom and fun through activities that will make them feel special, with activities including the summer party, mini disco and the Woogi Challenge.

The freshness of WATER brings spontaneity and is present in the activities that will surprise them every day, such as the water competition, bubble blower making, and many more.

The wisdom of the EARTH is responsible for providing knowledge with activities tailored to their interests, which will make them feel like true stars while enjoying the organic garden, face painting and many other activities.

Our mascot Woogi

Hi, my name’s Woogi! I’m a Balearic genet. I’m six years old and I live in the Garden Hotels log cabin but I love to escape to the Tramontana forests. I’m light brown with dark brown specks, the same colour as the rings on my tail.

I’m a greedy guts and my favourite food is found at the Woogi mini buffet. Do you want to come to meet me at one of our hotels with entertainment for children in the Mediterranean?

I like to sing, dance, jump around and make new friends. I’m affectionate and I’ll do anything to help the environment. I love our island and I’m looking for friends to help me defend it, take care of it and respect it through the Woogi Nature programme. I can’t wait to meet you!

Woogi House (kids' club)

At our fantastic activity club, children will develop their creativity thanks to the activities and games organised by the Garden entertainment team with the Woogi Nature programme. All activity programmes are divided into two age groups: Mini Explorer Woogi (between four and six years old) and Max Woogi (between seven and eleven years old).

The Woogi House (kids’ club) will become your children’s favourite place at our all-inclusive family-friendly hotels. Most of the activities are held there, making your kids authentic adventurers working towards the Woogi Nature badge.

*Woogi House has limited capacity.

Entertainment for teenagers: Teens

Teenagers at our family-friendly hotels have their very own entertainment programme, Teens, designed according to their age (from twelve to sixteen years old) that will help them interact with each other and make friends, such as Digital Treasure Hunt, Pizza Workshop, Escape Room, Mega Cluedos and sports activities like volleyball, archery and zumba, to name just a few.

What’s more, at some of our hotels they have an exclusive space where they can hang out with their new friends, unwind or have fun, the Teen Lounge, with billiards, darts, video consoles, and so on.

Entertainment for families: Family Connection

Welcome to the Family Connection programme, a series of family activities designed for you to have fun. Garden Hotels would like to create stronger bonds between your kids and you, which is why we’ve developed this entertainment programme to enjoy as a family. This will help you connect with your loved ones and work as a team in order to win games, treasure hunts, workshops, the Four Elements Fair, and so on.

You’ll find all the activities of the Family Connection programme on the entertainment screen in reception. You’ll recognise them because they’re identified with a special icon, or you can also ask our entertainment team.

What’s more, each night at our hotels with entertainment for children in the Balearic Islands there are special shows for the entire family.