Pioneers in the circular economy

Caring for our surroundings and our people

Sustainability, our cornerstone

Since our beginnings in 1986, we have established solid values based on innovation, hospitality, commitment, enthusiasm, trust, quality and, of course, sustainability. We were pioneers in the field of the circular economy almost without knowing it, putting into practice certain actions designed to take care of our surroundings and our people.

First international chain to obtain AENOR certification

We are the first hotel chain in Europe to hold the Aenor Circular Economy Strategy Certificate, which we received for the last two years (2021 and 2022), as well as the Best Sustainable Tourism Project at the Tourism Innovation Awards 2021.

Why are we the first chain to obtain AENOR certification?

This certification recognises all our initiatives and specific projects carried out since 2015, dedicated to the collection, selection and treatment of waste, which is then transformed into resources that can be reintroduced into the value chain.

Among our many actions, we highlight:

BioCorner (Buffet)

Following the Slow Food philosophy, in some of our hotels, we have designed a very special corner called the BioCorner, where all dishes and products are either cooked organically or are 100% organic. This means they contain ingredients free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Whenever possible, the products are seasonal and locally sourced. We offer fresh foods or cooked dishes, whether cold or hot, such as the “Mallorcan organic lamb stew.” The BioCorner is open for breakfast and dinner. You’ll also find organic dishes and products on themed buffet days (Balearic Day, Mexican Day, and Asian Day).

In the rest of our hotels, you can find locally sourced dishes identified with a “km 0” label, highlighting and promoting the “Balearic product” brand. Additionally, organic products are marked with a 100% Bio label. Come and try these products and help us promote the circular economy, revitalize Balearic agriculture, minimize environmental impact, and support the local economy.

Organic Mallorcan Lamb

We offer our hotel guests 3,000 kg of organic Mallorcan lamb and 20,000 kg of organic produce each season.


95,000 kg of the products served in our hotels are from the Balearic Islands.

Plastic Free

We have eliminated the use of single-use plastic in our hotels, saving 1.5 tonnes of plastic per season.


We are the first hotel chain to implement a project to transform organic waste from our hotels into high-quality compost.

VET Circular (Vocational Training)

Training professionals with a commitment to sustainability. In 2021 we initiated a project in collaboration with a number of Spanish vocational training centres to develop material and a methodology for improving the training and incorporation of VET students in the working environment of the Circular Economy. We firmly believe that instilling and educating future generations of employees in the values of Sustainable Development is essential in terms of maintaining sustainability on our planet.